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Ian Leatt

I love the outdoors, don’t you? The smell of the air when it rains, the coolness of a breeze on a hot sunny day. The warmth of the sun on your flesh when you lie down and let the world go by. How amazing it is, this world of ours.

The freshly arrived colours of spring are enchanting, while the sun’s glare in summer captures us in its own unyielding light. Now we are moving into another vibrant time, when the trees and shrubs close ranks to offer a cascade of earthy colours, and we cheerily look on as the changed colour patterns gradually settle into the landscape around us.

Ian Leatt

Don’t you just love the autumn time of year, the way the colours of the trees and shrubs make such an impact on our beautiful landscape? Gone are the stunning displays of the annual flowers and the perennials; now is the time for the oranges and Aztec colours. The autumnal period has moved into our lives.

Lyme disease, carried by black-legged ticks, is on the rise. It can have a serious outcome. Protect yourself with socks, light-coloured clothing and bug spray armed with 10 per cent Deet, or higher.

Myrna Driedger
Broadway Journal

As the warm days of summer begin to fade and thoughts of autumn leaves replace them, we tend to forget about the annoying and dangerous presence of insects. This was a very good summer for (lack of) mosquitoes, allowing us to truly enjoy outdoor activities.

Spending more time outdoors in summer, gardening, golfing, exercising or relaxing in the yard, also puts us at more risk from a variety of insects; in addition to mosquitoes there are bees, wasps, flies, and ticks.

Ian Leatt

Growing up, it was always meat and two vegetables, no matter what was placed in front of us. Potatoes, the staple, then whatever was around – from carrots, to cabbage, there were always, always two other vegetables. And of course meat!

Looking back I realize that times have changed. No matter how it was presented, the meal typically featured meat and two vegetables. Gone are the days when veggies are kept separated. Nowadays the whole course can all be stir-fried up into a dish that not only looks amazing, with colours that sparkle, but is also extremely palatable!



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